Exchange Students in Canada

Exchange Students in Canada
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As an exchange student is it just normal that you don’t speak the language of your host country very good. Most students are doing their year for the language but if the language barrier a reason to treat these students different? The schools and organizations expect a special average of the students but what if the student can’t reach it because he or she has understanding problems for example in classes like history or biology. The student would be totally unable to write exams or take part in classes. Some school found solutions for this problem. Pawittra from Thailand had problems with writing the test in history not because she didn’t understand it, she had studied it but she was just unable to write it down so that her teacher could understand it. Grammar problems came too. Her only way out was to get help. In the small school of Hazlet with 48 students they have teacher’s aids who come into the class to help those who have understanding problems. She passed her last test with 80% and everything seems to be fine but for other students it’s harder. They don’t have a helper who is going to write everything down for them and sometimes they don’t even have people who could explain the stuff for them. How should teachers treat those students? Should they give them a bonus point because it’s not their mother tongue or would that be unfair with everybody else or is it unfair for the exchange students to treat them like regular students and then they fail their tests and for some of them it’s important to pass this year? In both cases it’s a decision of students and staff of the particular school and it depends how much the student want to pass.


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