Exchange Students in Canada

Exchange Students in Canada
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With temperatures until -39 degrees Celsius is the winter here in Southwest Saskatchewan. For some of the exchange students in the small town of Hazlet the first winter they’ve ever seen. For those who were walking to school it’s not possible anymore without two pairs of meds and a big, warm winter tube. “We had a drop of about 40 degrees in one week and so much snow”, Haruka Yasuda from Japan said. She has never seen snow before and the winter temperature in her home country is about 15 degrees. “It’s already so cold that the school closed, this is impossible in Japan. We are closing the schools in summer because it’s to hot”, she said with a big smile on her face. Even students from Norway like Agnes Aaser who is used to the snow is surprised how fast it happened. “Nobody expected it and now the winter is here”. She lives with her host family out on a farm and she said “It’s amazing how far you are away and you cannot do anything to get into the town. It’s just not possible with all this snow.” For her the wintertime in the countryside has much less to do with chaos and crashes than in the city. “Everybody in Oslo(the Norwegian capital) knows that the winter and that means snow is coming but when the snow is finally there everybody is surprised and the whole city stops for days.” All the exchange students in Hazlet really appreciate the snow. The guys from Asian countries and the South American boys who are all more or less freezing and also the girls from Europe with ski doing and snow ball fights. They welcome the winter in the Canadian Provinces even if it’s so different from the winter they are used to.


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