Exchange Students in Canada

Exchange Students in Canada
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The biggest fears for exchange students
For an exchange student it’s never easy to leave everything behind. The students are between 15 and 18 years old and they are leaving all their life, all of their friend and family and all their lifestyle in their home countries. Every one of them is going for a different reason with different expectation and with different fears. A few of them are already feared before anything starts. Others start to realize what they did when they are at the airport and others see it when they are still in their host families for a longer time. All this is part of the process in which the students are. That they are feared and afraid before they go into their year is totally normal and also while their year there are fears. Haruka, a Japanese girl who is staying in Canada for a year said that her biggest fear was the language and also the cold winter. A big fear for Conny from Austria was that she would become homesick or she wouldn’t like it in Canada.  An other fear had Javier from Venezuela. He is living right now in a small place with 100 inhabitants and 45 minutes away from a bigger town and he thought he wouldn’t have enough to do. For sure the students fears depends ob where they have to stay and with who. The host family is the most important part for a good exchange year that’s why a lot of students are scared to get in trouble with their host families. For sure the student can have much more fears and different fears and this is just a short overview but that is something what was and still is important for them. To go a year abroad without any fears is ok but when you find out that you don’t need to have any fears that is a moment the student will never forget because he or she went over all their fears and were strong enough to say I’ll go.

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