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The Weserstadion opened the doors At Sunday the 6th of august the Weserstadion in Bremen opened their doors for the public and the fans. Like every year this day was special for the fans who supported the soccer team of Werder Bremen who plays in the highest German league called the Bundesliga while the last season. The team who is one of the most successful teams in Germany of the last few years, wanted to show how much they appreciate their fans. The fans had the great opportunity to meet all their stars in real. They could talk to them and got signatures of mostly all of the 22 team players. Somebody who’s not allowed to miss such a big event is of course Thomas Schaaf the coach of the team. While the press conference he showed himself really optimistic for the next season even if the test games against teams out of lower leagues were nothing to make him happy. All of the 30.000 Fans who were at this event had a lot of fun. They were able to watch an open practice, winning prices for shooting on a wall and enjoyed the show on stage. Also part of the day was to introduce the new players for the next season like Diego. All in all it was a great day for fans, players and interested people.

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