Exchange Students in Canada

Exchange Students in Canada
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Make a decision about your organization

The first step is done and the student found a country (perhaps a second choice because there aren’t enough places for exchange students in that country or for another reason) they have to make another big decision for their year. The organization. That is a big thing but it shouldn’t scare the students even if it’s a lot of information and some parts are just confusing but it also helps the students to come into their own exchange year and they looking forward. Before the student can start to pick he or she has to get info brochures. They can get a short overview of organizations in the internet and they really should do that because if not you’ll get hundreds of different brochures from different organizations. When the students have to make that decision he or she has to find his or her country first. Most of the organization will offer exchange years to Australia, England USA and New Zealand. But if the student picked something extraordinary like South America, Asia and Europe they have to find their countries. The best way to make the decision is to inform themselves in books and talk to other exchange students from that organization because they have a different view about the organization than in their own high quality brochures. The students can make their own decision and find the perfect one for themselves. A mix between nice people and good former experience is a good sign. If the student made his decision he or she has to write a short profile about themselves. A good thing is to apply for two so that the student can be sure to have a place. the ideal time to apply is in july and august but for special countries it's never to early!


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