Exchange Students in Canada

Exchange Students in Canada
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The first thing for the student to do is to choose a country. Some of the exchange students know from the first second where they want to go but for the others is it most times a tough decision. Most times it can help when they make a choice of continents or special countries. That is possible because everybody has a dream how his/her exchange year should be. For example an english/french/spanish etc. speaking country, not to far, Asian culture. And then they can also dismiss country which aren't possible because of money reasons or personal things the decision is simpler. Unfortunately there are not so many organizations where you can applicate for more than one country. The best thing is when the student got a little idea which countries are possible for him/her, they can inform themselves with books, the internet and of cause they can try to find former exchange and ask them how their year was. Most times they can tell them much more than anybody else because they were in the same situation. And they should never forget their parents.  The student should discuss all their thoughts about the countries with them. They have the last word if the student can go or not. For example if the student wants to go to South Africa and he/she is exited and everything but then his/her parents say no to that. That’s why they have to make the decision with them. When the student find his/her country and he/she is sure that he/she wants that the next step will follow. To find an organization.



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