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Exchange Students in Canada
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The Blog as personal journalism helped my self to increase my English language skills. I’m not sure in how much I followed any rules of journalism and writing for a blog but I really enjoyed talking and writing about a topic I’m really interested in and I know a lot about it because I ‘m in my exchange year and I hope that because of this blog everybody else who is interested in a year a broad could have get some important experience and information’s from this side. That is also the point for every other blog if it’s an interesting topic. Blogging is becoming bigger and bigger in the modern world and I think for journalistic researches and publishing it’s a good way and for the author him or herself it’s a way of expressing itself on the blog with it’s own style and way of writing even in specific topics. A lot of teenagers and others are using blogs today to present them in their own blogs and write it as diaries this is in my opinion not necessary. To sow the world what your working on with information around subject and interesting facts will be more important than ever. The computer and especially the world wide web is given us more possibilities than  ever before and so if a person from North America wants to find something out about an actual story in Europe he or she will have web addresses to blogs of European journalists to read their stories and discuss them. If it’s necessary they can send comments and can even talk with them on the phone but there are not so dependent of their oral contacts.

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