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Exchange Students in Canada
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City or town

City or town


To go abroad means to leave the own city or town behind and find a new community. Especially in Canada it happens really fast that the exchange students are coming to a small community. The numbers of inhabitants can reach from bigger cities like Regina (SK), Calgary (AB) and Montreal (QE) to small and familiar communities with 100 inhabitants. Most of the students are searching for an adventure of lifetime and want a difference and most times it’s a shock when you come from a home city with the population of 600.000 or more and get to know that you will spend your year at the end of the highway in a small community with 150 people and the next bigger city is 45 min. away. It doesn’t matter where the student spend his or her life when the host family is willing to do things with and for the student. In small community is the advantage that everybody knows the exchange student from the first day on and that is also a little bit scary but the student never needs to explain why he or she is there. For sure the whole community is watching the student and that is sometimes hard to accept for the students. When everybody is cooperative even the smallest community is big enough for exchange students. Most of the exchange students who went to small communities loved it but also hated it to be so far from everything. And the students who went to bigger cities complain that the schools are so big and huge that nobody notices them and it takes them time to get involved. But at the end also these students enjoyed their year. It is not a matter of the size of the community how good the exchange year is. It always depends on the student and on the host family and how cooperative both sides are in acceptance each other.


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